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Auto Stroking Timer Sizing Honing Machine, Vertical / Horizontal Honing Machines, Hard Steel Mandrels, Mumbai, India
• Auto Gauging Honing Machine
• Auto Stroking Timer Sizing    Honing Machine
• Manual Honing Machine
• Through Feed Super Finishing    Machine
• Manual OD Lapping Machine
• Manual OD Lapping Machine
    with VFD
• Honing Tools For Indian As Well    As Imported Machines

Auto Stroking Timer Sizing Honing Machine

 • Connecting rods, Rocker arms, Valve Guide.
 • Hydraulic and Pneumatic valves and cylinders
 • Brake cylinders, Cylinder liners
 • Gears, Sprockets, Drill jig bushing, Sintered products.
 • Ring gauges, Fuel injection parts, Lubrication system
 • Sewing machinery parts, Refrigeration parts,     Bearings, Pump bodies, etc.
Auto Stroking Timer Sizing Honing Machine

Technical Specifications
Type Horizontal Automatic
Capacity- Diameter 4 to 80 mm
Length Up to 250 mm
No. of Spindles One
Speed Range 350 to 1350 / 350 to 2000 RPM (Infinitely Variable)
Power Consumption 1.6 Hp - 3 phase
Coolant Tank Capacity 125 Ltr.
Coolant used Hangsterfer's Missile Lub 1XXL / Hardcut 5618 / Honilo 981 / Honicut 60
Oil Chilling Unit (Optional) With Magnetic Separator Cum Paper band Filtration Unit- 200 Ltr. Tank capacity, 30 LPM, Kirloskar compressor, 3000 Kcl/hr.
Speed Variator (Optional) Mechanical type, 0.33 to 2 KGM Torque range, 2000 RPM max.
Standard Scope of Supply:
 • Machine with standard accessories.
 • Specially designed fixture for firm holding of the components during machining.
 • All standard accessories with all electrical fittings.
 • Lubrication pump duly fitted.
 • Coolant circulation pump duly fitted.
 • Set of necessary Spanners, Allen keys, Diamond file, etc.
 • Filter mat and magnet strip as a part of accessories.